Access EAStandards And Apply For A Job In Kenya

EAStandards is the electronic version of the Standard, which is ranked amongst the best newspapers in Kenya by holding a 30% market share. The newspaper which is owned by the Standard Group is the oldest newspaper in the Kenya.

Apart from this the company also runs the Radio Maisha, The Kenya Television Network, a standard digital world (which is also the company’s online platform) and the county weekly. The Headquarter of the company was in the I&M Bank Tower, but now it has been moved into the Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

Services Offered By The EAStandards

EAStandards offers a wide variety of services to its customers all over the country and helps them get updated with every breaking news and latest information about the ongoing affairs related to different countries on a single online website. Some of these services are mentioned here in the list:

  • It provides all the news about the nation and the affairs going on in the country.
  • It provides video to support their role related to different news categories.
  • It provides many kinds of Job opportunities to the people.
  • It provides the entertainment and many kinds of other news as well.

How To Find And Get A Job At The EAStandards

  • Connect your computer with a fast speed internet connection.
  • Your connection should be secured and reliable as well.
  • Open the web browser and go to this link:
  • At the top of the page, click on the Kenyan Jobs tag.
  • It will give you a lot of search results as jobs available within the country.
  • Click onto the one you are related to and is according to your field.

Now you will be lead to a page that will be showing each and every requirement and all the details that particular company is demanding from the applicants. Read the eligibility criteria and requirement, if it suits you, click on the link provided at the end and then you will be able to apply for that job,

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