How To Submit A DIRECTV Payment Dispute Application

DIRECTV is an American provider of the direct broadcast satellite service to the viewers based all over the country. The company started the business way back on December 20, 1985, which is about 31 years ago, by the name of Hughes Electronics Corporation. It was founded under the current name in the year 1990; 27 years ago. It offers the services like the pay television, Internet Television, pay-per-view.

Here Is The Process To Submit A DIRECTV Payment Dispute Application

  • First of all, try to search a link that should get you to the official website of the company, it can be Googled as well.
  • Go to the payment dispute option after that now, or this is the link that will get you there in just 2 seconds:
  • Once the page is opened:
    • Type your email address in the very first blank field that you are seeing on the very first field.
    • Re-enter this email address now in the field that comes after that now.
    • Type your first name after that now in the field next to it.
    • Now, the next demand your last name to put in.
    • Provide your service phone number now in the field that comes next to it now.
    • Choose now, if you already are a company’s customer.
    • Type your company account number now in the field that lies below it now.
    • Now, choose the topic of your issue now in the field that comes below it now.
    • Choose the subject of your application now in the field that comes in the field below it now.
    • At the end, explain your issue clearly in the box that is placed at the bottom of this page.
    • After that, enter your complete Credit/Debit Card in the next field.
    • Type your complete Bank Account Number as well now.
    • Write you complete Routing Number in the next blank space now.
    • Select the other payment types after that now.
    • Click on the white “Upload File” to upload any statement, etc.
  • Click on the blue “Continue” button and submit the application on the next page.

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