Check Deepwater Horizon Claim Status Online

Claimants and other customers will be able to get the facility of check claim status online without creating login id and password. They can simply check it by going to the check status portal. After giving the details then you will be able to get three sections including claimant status, claimant information, and claim status. You can get the overall status of the claimant in the claimant status area. The claim status area on the page shows the status of every claim.

What Are The Full Set Of Guides To Check Claim Status Online?

  • You have to visit the authorized website of the corporation by going to the given link
  • As you finally get the claim center home page then you will be asked to move your cursor downwards and then click on the option of “Check my status” present at the bottom right of the page.
  • When the new page opens then you will be requested to verify your details by giving the necessary information.
  • You are supposed to type the DWH Claimant ID into the first given space.
  • In the next empty field, you will be intended to add the Taxpayer ID which may consist of four digits number.
  • After that, you have to write down the text in the space which you see in the image and then click on the black color tab which is indicated as “Check status” and get the details of your claim online.

What Are The Possible Methods to Submit Documents In order To Support My Claim?

There are three possible methods through which you can submit supporting documents. These are online, by mail and fax method. In the online method, you have to go to the specified link and then follow the ongoing directions to complete the process. In the mailing method, you have to send your supporting documents to the settlement program on the address given by the company. You can also fax your documents to the given number 1 888 524 1583.

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