Access Continental Airline To Book Flights Online

Continental airline online ticket booking portal is efficient and reliable way to book online tickets to travel inside a continent. It will also help to book good hotel rooms and provide a rent a car service with some discount as reward for using Continental Airlines. When you use this online portal you unknowingly earn some points, which as result give you discounts on vacation plans. You just have to join mileage plus program. It would not take much time to join mileage program you will be completely guide up to the end of procedure. You just have to follow some simple to get it done then you will be earning points which you can use to avail a set of services on discount or avail them for free.

What are Requirements?

  • You will need a computer, a laptop or a Smartphone with working internet connection.
  • You have to provide PIN (personal identification number) during the process.
  • You must be over 18 year old to use this site and for availing related services.

Guidelines To Access Continental Airline To Book Flights Online:

  • First of all go to your computer, laptop or a Smartphone, turn it on and connect it to internet.
  • Then go to your internet browser and on the search bar of your internet browser type this link: then press enter or press go to proceed to the main site.
  • A page will loads in front of you which will ask you to select your region after that you have to enter your language. Select your region and also select the language which you can understand easily. then press change button to proceed to next page.
  • On the next page look for the phrase “Mileage plus” in a yellow box. Click it, it will extend and will ask you about your mileage plus number and password to sign in. enter your details and press sign in to sign into the site. If you do not have any account on mileage plus, you can click join now to create your account of mileage plus.
  • On pressing join now a new page will load out which will ask you to enter your personal information like title, name, date of birth, contact information, email and create your pin number etc. after entering all the information asked correctly you can press to proceed to the next step. When the procedure will end you can earn by traveling using continental flights.

About Continental Airline:

Continental airline online ticket booking portal is very efficient and a convenient way to book ticket over the internet. Continental Airline in the past was one of the largest airline company established in 1926 at Houston. It was merged into the UAL corp. in 2012. After that company was named as United. It has over 86852 workers working in it 24 hours a week and 7 days a week. It provides customer many options like hire a rent a car or book hotel room. It became American’s first choice to traveling round the globe.

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