Access GA Compass To Apply For Benefits

GA Compass or common point of access to social services is providing human and health services. You can apply here for benefits according to your situation like child card program, food stamp, energy Assistance and Medicaid. If you are going to apply for these benefits then you can start online application by creating online account. You can check your application status and get find complete benefit eligibility criteria.


  •  To apply for medical coverage you should be age of 19 to 64.
  • You are not parent of children of age 19 and above to get these benefits.
  • You are not blind, disable or pregnant.

Get Guideline To Apply At Compass GA?

  • Use this link to access online website for applying benefits easily.
  • As you will access this site you can see complete details about services that this website is providing to users.
  • On the page see the icon “Apply for Benefits” and below the short description about the benefits.
  • Click on this icon and see the next page where you can get complete requirement for applying benefits.
  • After reading the requirement click on the button “Next” at the bottom right corner of the page.
  •  Read the information that is provided to you to read about important things for applying process.
  •  Below you have many option like “start your application without creating account”, “create online account”, “keep working on your saved application” and “check the status of the application” .
  • To apply for the application if you are willing to start your application then it’s better to first create your online account here.
  • Choose the second option “create an account” and press the button “next” on the page.
  •  Now you can see online form where you have to enter important information.
  • Enter your full name and next create your userID and password for your online account.
  • Next choose security questions and enter your secret answer below.
  • After that tick mark for the user acceptance agreement and click on the button “Create Button”
  •  After creating account you can start application by entering all important information for your online application.
  • Follow each and every step to submit your application successfully.

Important Things:

You can access this website in the hours of operation 7:30 am to 4:00 at Monday to Friday. These hours of operation can be change anytime.

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