Access Betty T. Yee California State Controller To Search Your Unclaimed Property

Betty T. Yee California State Controller is the state controller that runs the website for the revenue and money related problems. It provides the services like enhancing the government’s accountability. It also controls the boards and the commissions.

You can also get on to the career opportunities page to get the careers that you are deserving for. You can also search your unclaimed property from this website along with property tax postponement services as well. You can also get the language access compliant process.

How You Can Search Your Unclaimed Property:

You will have to go to an official website of the California State Government for the unclaimed property search. Here is how you can get to search:

  • Start your process by reaching the website using this link:
  • At this website, will have to click on the blue “Search for Unclaimed Property” link in the blue color.
  • For the Individual Owner Search:
    • Enter your last name in the first blank box and then the first name in the second blank box.
    • Type your middle initial now in the second last field.
    • Enter the name of your city in the last field now.
  • Click on the blue “Search” button at the end and get your unclaimed property.
  • For the Business/Government Search:
    • Check the option.
    • Enter the Business/Government Name in the first blank box now.
    • Enter the name of the city in the next field now.
    • Click on the blue “Search” button at the end of the page.
  • For the Property ID Search:
    • Check the box first of all.
    • Enter your property ID in this only field.
    • Click on the black “Search” button.

You will get to the next form we can get all your property details and information that is unclaimed.

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