Get Started Citi Easy Deals And Earn Members-Only Savings

The Citi Easy Deals from Deluxe are known to be three kinds of different tiers that contain different kinds of the advantages. These deals are provided by the Financial Administration corporation that was established in the year 1915 in the Saint Paul, Minnesota. Its base of operations has been located in the Shoreview, Minnesota, USA.

How You Can Get Started Citi Easy Deals And Earn Members-Only Savings

  • You must have known the website of the company or the page because that’s where you get the information about these deals and have decided to go for them.
  • You need to go this website again, you can also use this URL: as it will get you there in a shortest possible time if your internet connection is secure and of good speed.
  • On this website, there is a green “Get Started” button at the top of the page, you need to click on it to go forward.
  • Once the next page is totally open, you are going to see a form comprising of four empty fields on it.
  • To fill them:
    • Provide your first name in the first blank field now.
    • Enter your last name in the empty field that comes next to the first name.
    • Now, provide your last four digits of the Social Security Number generally known by its short form “SSN” in the third field on this form.
    • Enter the zip code or the postal code of the area that you are based in now in the next and the last field on the form on this page.

Click on the green “Next” button now, you will be taken to the next page, provide the data that is demanded on the next page and get this information submitted to the company in the form of an application at the end of the process. You are now enrolled and can get to see the easy deals.

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