Upgrade Your Citi Hilton Honors Reserve Card

CITI bank is a financial services providing group that has been known to be rated amongst United States’ top company and established on the exact date on16 June 1812, in the beautiful New York City, New York, United States.

Luz Marina Caicedo is the current chairman of the whole group, and Michael Curvita is the Chief Executive Officer of it. It is specialized in providing the credit card services to the customers basically, but you can also get the mortgages, Personal loans, Commercial loans and the lines of credit as well.

You Can Get Many Kinds Of The Benefits From Your HILTON HONOR Card:

  • You can get a total of 10 Bonus Points for every $1 you will spend on the hotel stays.
  • You will also get a total of 5 Bonus Points for every $1 you are going to spend on the airline and the car rental purchases.
  • Apart from these, you are going to get an additional 3 Bonus Points for every $1 you will spend on all the other purchases as well.

How You Can Upgrade Your Citi Hilton Honors Reserve Card

  • Visit the TIM HORTONS portal under the bank website, first of all, using this direct link to it: www.citi.com/reservecardupgrade
  • On the website, scroll down and look for the blank form that needs to be filed at the end of this page.
  • Once you reach to it, provide your invitation code in the first field on this form now.
  • Enter your last name after that.
  • Grab your card and then look for the complete number, but only give the last four digits of your social security number in the next empty field.
  • The last field on the form demands your billing zip code now, type that in as well now.

Click on the black “GET STARTED” button now and move to the next page, provide the remaining demanded info and get your card upgraded.

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