Apply For CITI Simplicity Card To Make Credit Simple

The CITI CREDIT CARD is a card presented by CITI bank that was founded in 1812 with the name of CITI Bank of New York, which later on changed to First National CITI Bank of New York. The bank in total has 983 branches that operate in many important states of America like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C and Miami.

Apart from working with the transactions of Standard banking, the bank is known market credit cards, insurance and investment products and CITI credit card is the product that helps people make credit very simple through the CITI Simplicity card.

Services Provided By The CITI Credit Card

The CITI CREDIT CARD has a policy with the name of simplicity card that helps the customers to make and store their credit and the information regarding the credits very easy and simple, the basic offers include:

  • After the introductory period, it offers the same rate for all the balances.
  • Just call yourself a “Representative” and receive 24 hours online and personal help, which will save you a lot of time with a fast.
  • It is the only card that ensures no penalty rate, annual fee or no late fee.
  • Enjoy the service of scheduling your bill payments details on any available date.

How To Apply For The CITI Simplicity Card

  • Get your connected to a reliable internet connection.
  • Open your web browser that suits your internet speed.
  • Follow this link:
  • Now on the very top of the page, type in your invitation code in the first field.
  • Then enter your last name in the last field.
  • Now click on the “Proceed to Application” button and complete the remaining process until you submit your request.

You will receive your card in a few days to enjoy the above mentioned features by. In a case of any problem call the given company number at the website.

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