Participate In Cineplex Guest Satisfaction Survey

Cineplex is an American based movie theater holding a firm position amongst the top movie theater operators in the North America. The company has been running the theaters in the United States and the Canada, in Canada, the theaters are operated by the Cineplex Entertainment while in America, they are operated by the name of AMC Theatres.

Founded in April 19, 1979 the company got defunct on May 1998. The headquarter of the company was settled in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

How To Participate In Cineplex Guest Satisfaction Survey

Surveys help companies improving the standards of the company by letting them get even closer to their customers that decide about them by posting their reviews hence, building a better customer relation between them. Customer services are a crucial point in the company’s success, you can win your customer’s trust by treating them well. Here is how to take a survey on the company’s website:

  • Visit the official survey page of the company on the official website.
  • Click this link to move to the survey page immediately:
  • When the page is fully loaded, select your language and click onto the white “>>” button.
  • Now, select the type of survey invitation you got from the company by clicking onto the red respective button, it will take you to the next page now.
  • Open your Online movie ticket now and take a good look on it to look for the 17-digit certificate number mentioned at the bottom of your ticket now.
  • Once found, type it in the only empty field on the page you have opened.
  • Click onto the yellow “Submit” button now to proceed.
  • On the next few pages, give in the answers to all the questions and by submitting these answers, enter 10 chances of winning free movies for a year by entering the monthly lucky draw. Hope the guide will help in the process.

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