Join CorningWare Corelle & More Retail Store Survey

CORNINGWARE CORELLE is an American manufacturer as well as the distributor of some top-class furniture products and provides them to the citizens of the company, no matter what part are they located in.

It provides a different kind yet very beautiful dinnerware to the customers. You can also get very stylish sets, and the Whites as well from the many stores of the company. Aside from these, there are many other services and products of the company that are loved nationwide.

How To Join CorningWare Corelle & More Retail Store Survey

  • To take down this survey process, you have to visit the official website of the company, or to get straight to its web survey page, you can click this link without having a second thought and can get a straight entry:
  • A page is there that shows a picture of a receipt, you have to look at its bottom at a form that needs to be filled.
  • Get a receipt or a slip the company uses to get the bill from you and look for the demanded information on it step by step.
    • Enter the store number in the very first field, it is mentioned at almost the top of the slip you have.
    • Enter the register number after that. It needs to be typed in the next field and is also written on the slip.
    • Now, depending on, what you have, enter the Transcript number or the Ticket number in the field that lies next to the register number field.
    • Now, do enter the total amount or the total purchase you made at the store in the fourth and the last field.
    • Click on “Submit” button now, it is mentioned below these fields in the center.

You are now on a page that is showing and actually demanding you to answer the questions asked on it. Select the options as answers to these questions and submit the form when you are done.

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