Enroll Your Account At California Lottery

California Lottery is letting you to enroll with website’s services online. But you have to make sure that you are eighteen years old or older and legally you are liable to play lottery online. Once you have enrolled yourself with this service you will become able to enjoy all games and lottery, you will be given access to play different games and also you will get a chance to win different prizes and rewards. California Lottery registration will provide lots of benefits to official members as well.

Detailed Guidelines To Enroll Your Account At California Lottery

  • To start the process you have to turn your system on and open current browser which you are using now a days.
  • Add this URL address www.calottery.com into address bar of browser and click on button of “Go” to visit home window of website.
  • In next step you are required to click on button of “Join” located on the right side of window.
  • This click will bring a new window in front of you where you are supposed to add some details.
  • Enter your first and middle names in given fields of text.
  • Add last name in next empty blank.
  • Select suffix in next tab but keep in mind that this tab is optional.
  • Enter complete street address in next two fields but make sure you have entered the complete address.
  • You need to enter zip code, name of city and state in next marked blanks,
  • Enter your contact phone number and date of birth in next empty blanks.
  • You are supposed to add Email address twice to confirm it.
  • Add strong and unique password in next field which is labeled as “Password”
  • Enter password again in next blank which is labeled as “Confirm Password”
  • Select preferred language from drop down list.
  • Click on check boxes to show that you have accepted all terms and conditions.
  • In last step you are supposed to click on button of “Submit” to finish the whole process.

Benefits Of Account

California Lottery is providing number of benefits to all registered members such as

  • Registered member will get a second chance of draws
  • You will get a chance to access jackpot captain tools
  • You will get various exclusive promotional offers.

Promotional Offers:

Promotional offers which are going to launch in January are following.

  • Man Claims $424,000 Powerball® Ticket Sold in Burbank!
  • Four Mechanics Share $638,000 Powerball® Prize!

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