Join Big Lots Customer Satisfaction Survey

BIG LOTS is known to be an American retail company, whose head office has been based in the Columbus, Ohio, U.S. The company started the business on December 13, 1967; 49 years ago, in Columbus, Ohio, U.S. by the name of Consolidated Stores Corp.

It then changed its name after next few years and since then, it is doing the business with this same name as it is running it currently. It is running a total of 1,493 locations as of 2012 and serves the customers in the Contiguous United States

How To Join Big Lots Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Look out for the company’s official website over the internet in your first step towards the process.
  • Once you are on the website, you can consider yourself on the survey page as well, because it is more than easy to find.
  • Or, to make it even more easy for you, here is the link:
  • This will take you to the survey page instantly.
  • On it, you will have to select the language first of all, for English, click on the white “To Continue in English, Click Here.” button.
  • On the next page:
    • Type the transaction number of the slip and the order of the product you made at the store in the first blank field on the yellow colored form.
    • Type the store number you paid the visit to in the field that lies below it now.
    • Now, select the amount of the purchase you made at this store from the list in the next field.
    • Pick the time at which you paid your this visit to the store in the next field.
    • Now, also choose the date on which you went to this store in the last blank field.
  • Click on the white colored “Start” button now that is in the center of the page.

Pick the answers and rate the questions that are listed on the page. After answering, send them to the company.

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