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Better Homes and Gardens launched a promotional offer for its customers to enjoy reading the magazines at home at a discounted price. This offer is only for those customers who buy the BHG product at Walmart and in return get the TC code. After being eligible for the offer you can easily subscribe to the one-year magazine offer at a promotional rate. Being the subscriber you will get the magazine in 6 weeks and can also check for the digital copy to get instantly.

Guideline To Subscribe Better Homes & Gardens Magazine:

  • Open the website of Better Homes and Garden by using the URL mentioned as
  • On opening the website you will view a form which requires certain information to be filled in the boxes.
  • Being a customer you are supposed to give the required details such as your first and last name along with an address in the required space.
  • Then enter your city, state and zip code in the respective boxes.
  • Give your valid email id in given bar. Then mention your TC number or the order number which is mentioned on the invoice of you got after purchasing in given box.
  • Hit the checkbox if you want to get the printed or digital format of the magazine. You can either click both options if you want printed and digital copies both.
  • Tick the box if you want to receive the news and special offers from Better Homes and Garden. Also, click on the box if you are willing to get the emails for Walmart products.
  • Click on the purple color tab displayed as “Subscribe” to complete the process.

BHG Offer’s Perks:

By taking part in the offer of Better Homes and Gardens magazine you will get a chance to register yourself for getting the emails from the whole family of Better home publication. By joining the offer you will get the news and latest offers of BHG. You can enjoy the promotional rates for a magazine of your choice. In case you don’t get the magazine after eight weeks then you need to contact the customer center to

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