Open Fidelity Bank Premier Checking Account

Fidelity Bank started the business of serving the customers with providing the banking and financial services on December 28, 1908. The bank has been chartered by the Office of Financial Institutions (OFI). It started the business with the name of “Fidelity Homestead Association.” It has been helping their customers with complete trust for over 100 years now.

How You Can Open Fidelity Bank Premier Checking Account

  • You will have to get to the official website of the company with using any link, it can be searched at Google as well, or you can also have it here in this guide as well:
  • Click on the orange colored “Learn More” button at the top of the page now.
  • Now, click on the orange “Open Now” button.
  • If you already have an account with the bank, click orange “Yes,” if not, click “No.”
  • In a case of “No”:
    • Select the state of residency in the first field on the form on the next page.
    • Check the below box if applicable.
    • Enter the first and the last name first of all.
    • Enter the email address now in the field that lies below it.
    • Provide your phone number after that and then the date of your birth as well.
    • Enter the social security number after that.
    • Type your address after that, and then enter the city in the next field.
    • Select the state and provide the zip code.
    • Choose if the mailing address is different.
  • Choose if you have lived at the provided address for less than two years.
  • Depending on whether you have a driver’s license or the state issued Id, or if you have a passport, provide the demanded information in the successive fields.
  • Check the boxes after reading the info.
  • Provide the occupation.

Now, there are some instructions, check the one that you agree to. Click on the blue “Next” button at the end and make the further process.

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