Activate Your Bank Of America Commercial Prepaid Card

Bank of America will allow you to make online purchases, also can purchases goods and acquire different services along, with paying your bills round the clock on 7 days of the week. If you are having the bank’s commercial prepaid card. It has zero liability policy offered by the company along with easy card replacement services.

This bank is also offering their commercial prepaid card users a great convenience of using it everywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted. You can also access the instant information regarding your accounts any time of the week or day. You can also manage your account directly from the website and given online services by the company. You can also make the withdrawal of cash from any of the MasterCard or Visa ATM’s at any time.

How To Activate Your Bank Of America Commercial Prepaid Card

You need to visit the official Bank of America website to activate your commercial prepaid card by following the given links or instructions on the website.

  • Also, you can open that link: And follow the given procedure to manage or activate your Bank’s prepaid card account by providing some necessary information.
  • You will be required to enter your first 6 digits of the card number, into the given blank space and then you need to click on the “grey” color “Go” button. After that, you need to further follow the procedure by entering or providing personal information to activate your card.

You can also manage your account by entering the first six digits in the same blank field, to get to your accounts information. In case if you lost your card or unfortunately stolen from you, you can report it on the given number on the website as well to avoid any mishaps.

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