Register To Armstrong And Manage Your Services

Armstrong founded in 1946, and it’s a broadband provider of entertainment serving parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Maryland. In 1950, they started to own and operate independent local exchange telephone companies.

In 1963, they expanded into cable television industry. In 1980, they moved into the restaurant, security and real estate development industries.

How To Register At Armstrong?

To register to manage your services at the Armstrong, you just need to follow the given simple set of instructions:

  • Click on the following link
  • As the page opens, click on the “My Account” button which is placed on top of the page. As, you click it, it will expand, you have to click on the first option “Dashboard”.
  • As you click it, a login page will appear. You have to click on the “Register” link on the bottom of the page.
  • After clicking it, a new page will appear. You have to enter your Account Number in the first field. In the next field, you have to either enter your PIN or your Phone. Now, you have to put a check to go through the security measures so it would be verified that you are a human not a robot.
  • After that, click on the “Next” button.
  • Then you have to create your username. After creating username follow the easy steps to proceed and sign up to manage your services.

You can contact them by clicking on the “Contact” button. You will be provided their desired number and you can contact them by email also. If you are having any trouble regarding Internet or Television and need their support, click on the “Support” button and get their assistance.

You can also download their application which is available on Android and iOS platforms, so you can easily have fast access to your services anywhere, anytime.

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