Join Argos Customer Satisfaction Survey

Argos is a British Online as well as the Physical Stores Operating Company that trades through both these facilities. The company has been running a large number of stores in the United Kingdom and the Ireland as well. It was founded by the Richard Tompkins, back on 13th November 1972, 44 years ago from now.

It has now been maintaining and operating all its operations, though their base of operations in the Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England. The company has in total 750 stores and also have almost 800 million website visits per year as well.

Products Offered By The Argos

The company works with the experienced staff members that work hard and deliver what is expected by the customers. They have in total 51,00 employees, who have been the reason they have collected a total revenue of Sales billion (£4.282) as of 2009. Here are some of their product and services:

  • The company has been providing many kinds of the Technology Services to the customers.
  • It has been providing the Home and Garden Services as well to the customers.
  • You can also get the Toys, Sports and Leisure, Health and beauty services as well.

How to Join Argos Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Firstly, you require a fast and stable internet connection connected to your computer system.
  • Open your web browser and follow this link:
  • Grab the receipt you got from the company to look for some important information needed to start the process.
  • Type in the Purchase Date in the first field.
  • Provide the Store number, mentioned on the receipt as well.
  • Type in the Till number as well.
  • Select, if you visited the store or have made a purchase online.
  • Select your age as well.
  • Provide the Captcha at the end of the form.
  • Click on the white “Submit” button at the end of the page to give the answers to some questions asked on the next few pages and submit them to the company in the end.

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