Access Apple Support To Share Your Screen

Apple is an international technology company.  The design develops and sells consumer computer software, electronics, and online services. They also produce hardware products as well which are Mac Personal Computers, the iPad tablet computer, the iPhone smartphone the iPod portable media player and many other products as well. You can also get the services of the company by sharing your device’s screen with the company.

How To Access Apple Support To Share Your Screen

You can share your screen with the support of the company in order to start the support session, you would require a session key. That key will help the support team of the company to share the screen with you and provide the necessary services to you. Sharing the screen is totally up to you. You can end the session whenever you want.

You need to download the application to access the support session of the company. Now, follow some below mentioned step to find out how to start the session.

  • Open the web browser that you often use and then go to the official website of the company in that browser by using this link:
  • After some loading, you will reach to the official website of the company. After that enter the session key in the vacant field and then click on the blue colored “Submit” button to proceed.

By clicking the blue button, you would be able to submit your key to the company for the verification. After that, you can share the screen with the support team of the company. for sharing the screen, you first have to download the application in the device in which you want to start the session.

In between the session, the company will be able to see your screen. They will not access your files or control of your device. If there is anything which you don’t want the company to see it, remove it from the view before you start the session. Keep in mind that this session will be recorded by the company for quality purposes.

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