Apply For Citi Simplicity Credit Card Online

Citi is offering a number of online services to its customers. The credit card online application is one of the main services of the company. You can apply for the Citi Simplicity credit card online by going to the online portal. In order to start the application, it is required to have the invitation from the company. You can get your invitation number or code from your letter or mail offer. You have to submit your online application and receive your card without any problem in few days. You need to go to the set of guides which are shown below to start the application process.

What Are The Stepwise Directions To Apply For The Citi Simplicity Credit Card?

  1. You are supposed to start your online application by going to the link which is specified at
  2. You will be asked to fill the application form by giving the necessary details into the specified boxes.
  3. In the first box of the application form, you need to enter the invitation code. You will be able to get your invitation code or number from your offer letter above the address.
  4. You need to move to the next box and add your last name correctly.
  5. After giving the last name you will be requested to add the zip code of your area.
  6. Once you have given all the details in the correct format then you will be asked to hit on the green button which is marked as “Apply now” and get your credit card after few days.

What Are The Benefits Of Citi Credit Card?

  1. The process of online application is very simple and secure.
  2. The process of online application requires no wait time in order to talk to an agent.
  3. If you are unable to make payment on the due date then no rate increase or late fee is applied.
  4. If your credit limit is over then no increase in rate is applied.
  5. When your introductory rate finish then there is a simple rate on cash advances as well as on purchases.

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