Access Antennas Direct To Use The Transmitter Locator

ANTENNAS DIRECT is a company which provides the antenna services. This company sells all type of antennas like short, medium and long range are available on the website of the company.

You can also create an account on the website of the company to get an easy access to all of the services provided by the company on its website. This website will allow you to shop the item online from it and the account will help in quicker checkouts.

How To Access Antennas Direct To Use The Transmitter Locator

The mapping tool of the company will allow you to see the transmitter of the TV in the area in which you live. You can see the radius patterns which shows the distance covered between your and the broadcast tower locations. On the map, you can click on the any of the towers to zoom in the find out about the affiliate, latitude, band, longitude, and be heading for each transmitter.

To use the locator on this website, you would have to fill a small form with the information of your area. Mentioned below are the step by following which you can get to use the transmitter.

  • Open this link:
  • Then provide the required information in the form and then click on the blue colored “Submit” button to proceed.

After clicking the blue colored button, you will be able to see the transmitters on the map. Then you can you can choose the best TV antenna for you. Some of the factors like tall buildings and trees can affect the reception and can result in the antenna performance.

If you want the assistance of the company to help you pick the best TV antenna for your location, then you can call the helpline of the company. the highly qualified staff of the company will deal you and provide you the best solution which you can use.

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