Access Drive Wise Online Account To Get Reward

What do you think you are good driver? If yes then you can be paid off for driving at safe time, speed and making stops which are safe. Drive wise safe driver package basically functions with the aim of making safe drive possible in the environment. It notices driver behavior during driving in city and on highways. If driver is driving safely by following the rules of safe drive then he will be awarded rewards.  For having the access to safe drive offer you need to follow the given guides.

Guideline To Sign Up Access Drive Wise Online Account To Get Reward:

Before signing up with DriveWise you need to have My Account with All State. Afterwards follow the given instructions to sign up with later:

  • Navigate to website by accessing the given link
  • On having the website being opened you can access your account by entering your login details. But if you are new to website then you have to click the icon of “Register Now”
  • In meanwhile you have to check the id which you used at the time of registration with All State and then hit the check box to accept the agreement.
  • Go through the steps carefully and complete the registration procedure.
  • Once you are registered successfully then you will get a small device in mail. You are bound to insert that device in your car on following the instructions.
  • Device will notify about our safe drive actions and record will be maintained in your profile. On meeting the criteria successfully, you will be awarded with rewards of safe drive.

DriveWise Program Minutes:

On signing up with the authorized website you will be given the rewards. Actually this is the perfect way for insurance companies to find the rates in future. Drivers which drive not as much as 30 miles in a day will get the saving rewards. Rewards can easily be redeemed in the form of gift cards or merchandises related with All State. There is no need of quote or purchasing limitations to get participated in reward program. This program is not available for New York State.

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