File Transpacific Air Settlements Claim Online

You have to file a claim to get payment request either online or through the mail. In the online method, you have to fill up the necessary details and follow the steps of the screen to complete the process. While in the mailing method you have to download the claim form first and then send it to the mailing address of the company. There are specific timings to file a claim and you have one hundred and twenty days after the effective date to file a claim online. You need to go to the underneath steps to accomplish the whole online process.

What Is The Full Method To File A Claim Online?

  1. In the initial point of the procedure, you are required to add the URL link of the website into the navigation bar.
  2. Once you reach the website then you have to first pick the language of your preference.
  3. Now you will be requested to click on the red color tab which is cited as “File a claim now”.
  4. On the next page you will get class definition and after reading the definition if you meet the criteria then click on the “File a claim now” tab to start the procedure.
  5. After that, you have to fill up the registration form by giving the required details.
  6. Answer the question about purchases for business in “Yes” or “No”. if you selected the yes option then you have to enter the business name, contact name, country, address, phone number and email address.
  7. Click on the option of “Continue” to complete the other steps of the process.

Contact Details:

  1. If you have any questions or problems related to the Airline Settlement then you can contact the company by calling at 1 800 439 1781 from your phone. You can get help anytime and from anywhere.
  2. You can also get the solution of your problems simply by sending an email at the given address
  3. You will be able to send your claim forms by the US mail to the specified address of the company.

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