Access Airheads To Join The Birthday Party

Airheads is a chewy, taffy-like candy enjoyed by the customers of all ages, especially the children based in many different parts of the United States. It is manufactured by the “Perfetti Van Melle,” which is a Dutch-Italian company based in the Erlanger, Kentucky, United States.

The company is now serving all the 50 states of the America. It has also known to have been manufacturing more than 24 different flavors of the candy. The company was founded in 199 and started manufacturing the candy, like products in 1982. It is known to have over 200 employees working for it.

Services Offered By The Airheads

The company is working with the efforts of a qualified and hardworking staff, that produce, create and distribute the candy every day. The company has been down and out due to some reason but came back hard with many exciting services. Here are some of the products and services of the company:

  • You can get to see the latest about everything related to the products of the company.
  • You can get to see all the candies the company is producing and distributing.
  • You can also check the crafts and can locate the products as well from the online website.

How To Join The Birthday Party On The Airheads:

  • First of all, make a secure and a very reliable plus fast speed internet connection connected to your computer or a laptop.
  • Open your web browser and follow this link:
  • Select the Month, Date, and Year of your birth in the only empty field present at this page.
  • Type in the Instant Prize Code.
  • Provide your email address.
  • Type in your first and the last name as well.
  • Type in your Apartment/Suite and the Address as well.
  • Now, provide your city, state and the zip code.
  • Check the box if you want to get messages via email.
  • Click the pink “Submit” button at the end of the page that will help you join the birthday party offer provided by the company. It should be fun, hopefully.

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