Participate In ACME Customer Satisfaction Survey

ACME is a chain of Supermarkets providing many kinds of the daily life products as well as any other normal accessories to the customers in the United States. The company has been operating their chains in the New York City and the Delaware Valley metropolitan areas.

The company runs all their stores and markets that are managed from one base of operations, their headquarter in the East Whiteland Township, Pennsylvania, United States. It has known to be operating a total of over 179 locations in the mentioned areas. The company offers the products like the Bakery, deli, frozen foods, dairy, general grocery, pharmacy, meat.

How To Participate In ACME Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • To start the Survey, you need to make sure a working, stable and a fast speed internet connection connected to your computer system or a laptop.
  • Also, make sure that the JavaScript on your web browser has been enabled.
  • Now, open the web browser and follow this link:
  • Grab the receipt, you have got from the store of the company to look for some important information.
  • Select the State, that you are living in, in the first field on this new page.
  • Select the Store at which you shopped in the next field now.
  • Type in the email in the last field.
  • Click onto the white “Next” button now.
  • Select the date now on which you have made a visit on the store. Again, click white “Next” button now.
  • Select the time at which you have made the visit and after that, provide the Cashier or the Operator number as well.
  • All this information has been located on the receipt.
  • Click onto the white “Next” button now, and start giving the answers to a number of questions that are asked on the next few pages. In the end, you need to submit these answers to the company, that concludes your satisfaction feedback.

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