Register With AARP Medicare Plans Online

AARP Medicare Plans membership can easily be accessed by visiting the website of the company. There are three steps in which you will be able to register your account. The first step is about to give the personal information. In the second step, you will be asked to provide the plan information ad in the last step you will be asked to create your account. You will get a number of benefits including coverage plans, history of payments, personal health insurance plans and more.

What Are The Complete Guides To Register With AARP Medicare Plans?

  • You are required to insert the official link of the corporation into the web browser in order to register your account.
  • The link to the site can be found at
  • When you reach the home page then you have to click on the option of “Already a plan member?
  • Here you can enter your username and password in case you already have an account.
  • If you do not have an account then click on the option of “Register here”.
  • When the new window opens then you have to first enter your personal information such as your plan member id and date of birth.
  • After that, you have to click on the blue painted tab which is cited as “Continue” in order to move to the next step.
  • Now you have to go through the screen directions and complete the process of registration.

Where Can You Get Plan Member Id?

  • Your plan member Id can be located on the front side of your card which you can get from the company.
  • It may consist of seven to eleven numbers.
  • Your plan id may contain “-“dash prior to the last two numbers.
  • It is mandatory to write down your plan id exactly as it appears on your member id card which is issued by the company.
  • If you have any question then you can call the company customer services number which you can get at the back side of your card.

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