Walmart Care Plan Online Registration

Walmart Care Plan is a website which is used only for the customers of Canada and it does not register the products if you buy it from the outside of Canada. You can provide your name, email address, phone number and password in order to register your care plan online. When you give the email address then you will be able to get the updates from the company. You are required to undergo the underneath simple steps to register your care plan online.

Whole Steps To Register Your Care Plan On Walmart:

  • You have to register your plan by visiting the webpage of Walmart Care Plan Online Registration
  • Once you have got an access to the registration page then you will be requested to fill up the form by giving the essential details.
  • After that, you will be requested to add your first name and last name.
  • You are required to type a valid phone number so that company can contact you for your account.
  • After adding the phone number you have to type your email address and you can change it after sometime when you have completed your registration.
  • Now you will be invented to input the account password which may consist of a minimum of seven characters including one number and letter.
  • At the moment when you have given all the details then you have to click on the green color box which is indicated as “Create my account”.

What Can I Do If I Have Problem With Registering My Plan?

Before starting the registration of your product you need to keep the copy of sales receipt in your hand. You will be asked to put in the transaction number which is located on your receipt. If your problems can not solve then you have to call the customer service number which is shown as 888 524 6691 and get the solution of your problem.

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