Logon To AT&T Benefits Center Account

The AT&T Benefits Center is the rewards and benefits offering services that have been running the company to help their employees to help them find or even make changes to their benefits packages as well. The company is a multinational telecommunications conglomerate, providing services in the North America as well as the South America.

The company has been headquartered in the Dallas, Texas, the United States, which is their base of operations for handling the operations in the America. The company has been ranked as the 23rd largest in the world regarding the composite of profits, assets, market value and the revenue.

Services Offered By The AT&T Benefits Center

The benefits center helps you by getting many kinds of the services that are useful and are beneficial for the employees as well. The company offered these benefits through the website:

  • The website helps the employees to review their benefits cost and get enrolled as well.
  • Many kinds of the Health benefits like the dental, medical and vision are provided.
  • You can also get the financial services like pension plans, saving plans and commuter benefits from the company as well.

How To Register On AT&T Benefits And Get The Services:

  • Get your computer connected to a good speed internet connection.
  • Open the web browser and go to this link now: resources.hewitt.com/att.
  • Click onto the blue “Are you a new user” link at the end of the page now.
  • Type in the last four digits of your Social Security Number in the first field on this page.
  • Now, select the date, month and the year of your date of birth from the related lists in the field next to it.
  • Click on the blue “Next” link at the end of this page now, that will get you to the next page and will demand a little information to proceed, provide the information and get registered to gain the complete access to the benefits center of the company.

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