Login To Microsoft 365 Online Portal

Microsoft 365 is the brand name of the software and services that the Microsoft provides to its customers. This service provides many kinds of the productivity software and many other related services to subscribers.

The stable release of the software happened in 2016 / October 2, 2015, 15 months ago.

How To Login To Microsoft 365 Online Portal:

By logging into your account after signing in, you will be getting some useful services that are not available to the users without the login. After the login, you can get the Proprietary software as well as all the services as a subscription. You will get many kinds of the new plans for the businesses as well as for the consumers also. Here is how you can log in to the portal and get all these mentioned services:

  • You need an internet connection first of all.
  • Connect the connection with the computer or a laptop.
  • Visit the portal link of the website, which can also be accessed by using this URL: portal.microsoftonline.com.
  • Wait for the page to be completely opened now, once it is, you will see a login form.
  • Now, to log in, you must have a Microsoft account, if you have it, you can move further in the process by simply providing the credentials, if you don’t have it, you will have to create one by visiting the official Microsoft website.
  • Now, after the creation of an account, come back to the portal and type in the email address in the first field on the page.
  • Provide the password in the second field now.
  • Check the box below if you don’t want to enter the credentials the next time you visit the portal.
  • Click on the blue “Sign In” button at the end of the form and login to the portal to access all the services.

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