MyFamilyDollarLife Associates Doculivery System

Family Dollar offers a significant amount of the services to its customers, aside from this, it also keeps their employees happy as well that work hard with them contributing to their success all the time. It does this by offering them many kinds of the online benefits that can be accessed via their online Doculivery system.

The customer has been assigned their own personal and unique credentials by the company in order to log in and the accounts are free to use by logging in from anywhere and anytime they want to. The myfamilydollarlife system has its own list of the services it gives.

Services Offered By The Associates Doculivery System

Employees can login into their accounts by just providing their usernames and passwords as their credentials which must be kept private. By logging in, users can get the services like having health benefits and the health insurance. It also helps them by giving them the authority to access their online paystub and W-2 anytime they want to. Apart from this, employees can get subscribed to the online email and the texts notification service as well to get notified and stay updated about the company’s important things.

How To Login Into The Associates Doculivery System

As an employee, you just need your username and the password to get to your account, you have to make the process in these easy and small steps:

  • Reach out to the official myfamilydollarlife portal in the first step where you will be seeing a red colored “Accept” button at the extreme bottom of the page.
  • Get to the form on the next page in which you have to enter the username in the first box and your password assigned by the company in the second one. Clicking on the white colored “Log In” button will give you the access to your account and thus to the promised services.

In case, you don’t get to remember your password, you have the chance to retrieve it by clicking onto the blue “Forgot Password” link.

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