Mybslhr Brookdale Associate Self Service Account

Are you a Mybslhr Brookdale community home employee? If yes, then the company provides you an online associate self-service account that you can use for managing your human resource and payroll information. All you need to access that account is your User ID and the password that is required to login. Let’s see how you can log into your associate self-service account by using your account ID and your password.

Your Self-Service User ID And Password

As an employee of the Brookdale community, your ID would be B + your associate number (9-digit). You can find your 9-digit associate number on the paystub. For instance, if your associate number is 001234567, then the Self-Service User ID would be B001234567. This is your ID that you will be using to login to your self-service account.

When you create the account, you will also be provided a default password. This initial password will be your year of birth + the last 4 digits of your SSN (social security number). For instance, if your birth year is 1975 and your social security number is 123-45-6789, then you will get a password 19756789. You can change your default or initial password, anytime.

How To Login To My Bslhr Brookdale Self Service Account

  • To login to your self-service account, you will first have to visit the Mybslhr login page.
  • After you are on the login page, you just have to enter your User ID and your Password in the corresponding fields. Hit “Sign In” button to log into the account.

In case, if you have forgotten your Password, then you can also retrieve it from the same login page by clicking “Forgot your Password” link.  For more information, or if you have any question related to this online account service, you can get in touch with their support team. Just dial 888-888-4489 to contact the appropriate department for your queries.

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