Sign In To Canada Savings Bond To Get Payroll Savings Program

The Government of Canada presents instruments for the investments on the sales made between the start of the October and till the 1st of December every year. As compared to the truly marketable bonds, the Canada Savings Bonds are often abbreviated as the CSBs are debentures.

The Bank of the Canada is responsible for the issuing of the financial product and with a guarantee of a minimum interest rate, it offers a competitive rate of interest.

Plans Offered By The Canada Savings Bond

Apart from some of the plans and CSBs that can be purchased from the online website, or can be bought from any financial institution as well, certificates are mailed to the investors usually. But there are some plans which do not issue certificates:

  • Canada RSP is an RRSP plan that gets no-fee and is specifically designed for the holding compound interest Canada premium, and CSBs.
  • Canada RIF is also a no-fee RRIF plan and is designed for the direct holding of the CSBs and Canada premium. Not offered now.
  • Payroll Savings plans are offered by the employers to the employees during the sale period.

How To Get A Payroll Savings Program From The Canada Savings Bond

  • Get your computer connected to an internet connection that should run fast and should not disturb or interrupts in the midway of the process as it results in the loss of the concentration, etc.
  • Your connection should be reliable and secured too, try not to use any outside proxy.
  • Open the web browser and go to this link: my
  • Select the language you better understand, English or French.
  • Type in your client ID you have been assigned.
  • Type in your password you chose during the Signup process.

Clicking the “Login” button will lead you to your account, from where you can easily access all the services and plans mentioned from the Canada Savings Bond.

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