Login To PSU WebMail Online Account

You can access the PSU WebMail account by accessing the Penn State authorized website. When you get an access to the login page then there will be two empty fields and you have to log in to your account by giving the user id which can be like xyz6000 and then enter the secure password of your account. You need to follow the same process if you are using the direct page or you are using the protected service. You need to login to your PSU WebMail account by following the steps which are shown under below.

What Are The Full Guidelines For PSU WebMail Online Account?

  • In the first stage of the process, you will be requested to visit the PSU WebMail Login page by adding the link .
  • After getting an access to the home page then you need to click on the option which is cited as “Login to webmail”.
  • You will be asked to type the User ID into the box with a human image.
  • You have to enter the password of your account in the box with a picture of a lock. You can click on the eye like the image at the end of this box in order to show your password.
  • Once you have given the login details then you are required to hit on the option of yellow color which is indicated as “Log in” and get the different services of the company online.

What Is The Complete Process To Logout Of The WebMail?

You need to complete the current tasks or you have to send or save any message. In the next step, you need to clack on the option of “Logout” located in the navigation bar. Now you will get a new window which is asking you to completely log out or go back to your mail. You need to hit on the “Logout” option in order to completely log out to your account. If you are having any problem or issue then simply visit the FAQ web page of the site.

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