Login To KUIS Online Account

myLMS is an online portal provided by the software named as the Learning Management System. The software is created for the tracking, reporting, administration, documentation, and delivery of electronic educational technology, which is also called as e-learning courses or can be called as the training programs.

How To Login To KUIS Online Account:

It is an online portal provided by the software to get the access to some educational tools and services like the training management as well as the educational records as well. It also offers online training programs and the automatic record keeping tools also along with the employee registrations and services tools also. Here is how you can login into your portal to get all these services:

  • You need a good speed internet connection first of all to start this process. It should be constant and stable as well.
  • Connect this internet connection with your computer or a laptop to start the process now.
  • Now, you need to visit your online portal, you can google it and can use this link for the direct access as well: lms.kuis.edu.my
  • Wait for the web page to be completely open now, once it does, you will see a login form at its top.
  • Type in your username now in the first field on this login form.
  • Provide your password now in the field next to it.
  • Now, click the white “Enter” button at its bottom and get logged in. But, in case you don’t have the account, username or password, you will have to click onto the brown “Register here” link at its bottom.
  • Now, on the next page, provide your IC number and click the white “Submit” button.
  • You will get registered and then can get the username as well.
  • Repeat the process of the login that is mentioned above now to login into your account and get the services.

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