Access Bank Of America HSA Application

Bank of America is an American major level bank that serves the nation by providing a wide range of the financial services online and through the offices as well. It was created in February 1930; 87 years ago, under the current name and have been managed from the head office based in the Charlotte, North Carolina.

Here Is The Method To Access Bank Of America HSA Application

  • You should be aware of the official website of the company in the first place, you can google it.
  • It generally will be the first link, but if you cannot find it, this is the link to go you to the health accounts page directly:
  • On the opening of the page completely, click on the red “HAS Application” button at the top of the page.
  • Click on the blue “Get Started” button now.
  • This will take you to a long form on the next page:
    • Enter your first name in the first blank field on that form.
    • Enter the middle initial after that.
    • Provide your last name in the field that is next to it.
    • Provide the date of your birth in the field that lies next to it.
    • Select the country of your residence from the list now.
    • Type in the address in the next field, if you have any other address, type that in the field next to it.
    • Enter the email address now in the next blank field.
    • Confirm this email address by retyping it.
    • Create a username in the next blank field now.
    • Provide the password in the field that comes after that.
    • Confirm the password as well.
  • Click on the red “Next” button.

You will be taken to the next page, provide the demanded data on it and get the application submitted at the end.

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