GetMyDisneyVisa Personalized Offer

Disney Rewards is a VISA card from Chase that can get you 1% in the Disney Rewards dollar on your every single purchase that you make, using this card. You are also provided an opportunity to redeem the rewards dollars on anything Disney.

In addition to that, there are also many other additional special perks that you can get with this card, if you are a Card member. There are also some personalized offers for the card members that they can get by visiting GetMyDisneyVisa.

How To Claim The Personalized Offer:

On the back side of your card, you can see an invitation number alongside the offer code. This is located at the top right corner on the back of your card. All you need is to put that information online at the corresponding website, and then they will access your particular personalized offer. Here are the simple steps that you need to perform in this regard:

  • Visit the GetMyDisneyVisa webpage where you are going to enter your invitation number and other details.
  • Now, you can see three different fields on this page, such as 12-digit invitation number, 5-digit ZIP code, and your last name. Enter these details in the corresponding fields from the back side of your card. Click the “Submit” button after providing the information.

  • After you click the blue “Submit” button, your information would be received by the company, and then they will access your personalized offer.

In case if you want to know the complete details about your personalized offer, then you are supposed to refer to the mail package that you should have received. The privacy notice and terms of use by the company are also available on the same webpage where you have submitted the card information. You can also read the terms of use and other information available on their website for a better understanding about the product and their services.

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