Get Start MyLACCDcard Account

The Bank Mobile offers MyLACCDcard to the students who need to select from a couple of disbursement options. The students can choose the electronic deposit to the current bank of the student or electronic deposit to the account of Bank Mobile. If you have applied to the financial aid as a LACCD enrolled the student, then you will receive an email from the Bank Mobile. So, you are supposed to keep an eye on your emails periodically. In that email, you will get your personal code along with the website link with guidelines to choose a disbursement option.

As a student, you can get the financial aid refund in a convenient way through an online portal. Through that online portal, you can easily manage your return from wherever you are. On that page, you will also be able to go through the related, important information in the shape of the frequently asked questions. Let’s see how you can use this online account.

Steps To Manage Your Refund

Please perform a couple of simple and straightforward steps mentioned below. It will take less than 5 minutes of time:

  • Visit the MyLACCDcard web page where you are going to log into your online account. Here is the link to the login page:
  • Now, take a look at the webpage’s top side where you can see the options, “Email Address” and “Password”. You need to enter your login details in these two fields. Enter the information, and then simply click the “Log In” button.

After you log in, you would be able to decide how you should receive or how to use the refund. You will normally want to use that refund to buy textbooks, food, gas up, or other items necessary for your schooling. For more information, you can also visit the “Contact Us” section of the web page from where you can talk to the customer support team for your queries.

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