Get MapQuest driving directions Online

MapQuest driving directions help you to choose the right route for you to reach at your destination at time. This is an online mapping service that is providing directions, book a trip, gas prices and online mapping service to its millions of customers. You can download its apps on your phone to get help for driving directions by driving to your destination.


How TO Get MapQuest Driving Directions?

  • On access this website you can see the page where you can see at the right hand side a search box and a button “Get Direction” click on it.


  • Next you can add your address, business or landmark name here in the text box. You can add any of these information that you have suppose if you don’t have address then you can add business name or landmark information.


  • Next you can select different option at the top to measure the distance, as if you click on car icon then you can measure the distance for traveling in your card, as you can measure the distance for cycling or pedestrian and you can choose “option” to get more details.


  • After measuring the distance you can click on the button “Get Direction” on the end of the page.


  • After that you will get suggested routes by MapQuest according to the least time to reach with respect to traffic. You can see total distance and time to choose the right direction for you.


  • Next you can avail travel option and can check hotel, airport and car rental services on the map on the right hand side of the page.


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By using this mapping tool you can click on different icons at the top of the map like car, gas station, restaurants, shopping mall. As you will click on these icons you will see the nearby locations on the map. You click on the nearby location to get driving directions easily.

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