Enroll With OfficeAlly Service Center Online

You can enroll or sign up your account by accessing the official website of the Office Ally Service Center.  You have to enroll your account on the website by giving the owner name, mailing address, your contact information along with the authorized contacts. When you create your account on the website then you will be able to get lots of services which are accurate and effective. In order to enroll your account, you have to go through the set of directions which are mentioned underneath.

What Are The Full Guides To Enroll With Office Ally Service Center Online?

  • You are supposed to go to the web page of the Office Apply Service Center Enroll your account online.
  • After reaching the web page click on the tab “Enroll Now” then you will be requested to fill up the enrollment form by giving the essential details.
  • You have to type the name of the account owner or practice name into the identified blank.
  • In the next step, you have to enter the mailing address, city name, state along with the zip code.
  • You have to enter the main contact details such as your first and last name, title, phone, fax and your email address.
  • Now you will be requested to pick the type of business from given options.
  • In the next stage of the process, you have to enter the authorized contact and then click on the orange color option which is cited as “Next” and then follow the guides to accomplish the process.

What Are Authorized Contacts?

You have to add the authorized contact that will make changes to your account. If the main contact is not available then you can add them as an authorized contact. When you add the authorized contact then your main contact will be changed into authorized contacts. You will be able to check the box of “Send invoices to this contact” which is located under the phone number tab. If you need help or want a solution to your problems then go to the live chat option of the customer service.

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