Sign Up For Xfinity Online Account

Comcast is an American telecommunication company that is working as the global conglomerate. The company is ranked amongst the largest cable television and the broadcasting company regarding the revenue.

It is also the 2nd largest pay-TV company and is only behind the AT&T-DirecTV. In the United States, the company is the major home internet service provider as well as the cable TV company as well.

How To Sign Up For Xfinity Online Account:

If you have the username, email or the mobile phone number, and a password you chose while creating an account, you can simply login to the service. If you don’t have the account, you need to create one now to proceed. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

How To Login:

  • Go to the official page of the service by clicking on this link:
  • Once the page is opened, type in the username, email address or the phone number in the first field and your password in the next one.
  • Type in the moving letters in the field next to it now.
  • Click on the blue “Sign In” button now and get logged in.

How To Sign Up:

  • Go to the link that is mentioned above, scroll down to the end of the page now.
  • Click onto the “Don’t have a username? Create one” link at the end now.
  • Select any one option that is associated with your account now. Selecting “Social Security Number” will get you to the following process:
    • Now, type in the moving letters in the field on this page and click blue “Continue” button.
    • Provide the SSN and the date of birth in the next two fields.
    • Provide your phone number in the last one now.

Click the blue “Continue” button to proceed and provide all the other demanded information on the next few pages in the bid to sign up.

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