Check My Walmart Visa Gift Card Balance Online

You can easily and securely check the balance of your Walmart any time by using the website of the company. You have to provide the card number along with the security code which can be written on your card. You can also check the balance by using your phone. If you do not register your card then you can register your card easily in order to enjoy the benefits associated with your card.  After registering your account you can use it for various purposes such as you can check the transactions, report about the lost card and for online shopping.

What Is The Procedure To Check Balance Of Your Card?

  • You need to insert the link to My Walmart Balance Check into the search tab of internet web browser of your choice.
  • On the main website of the balance check, you are supposed to firstly add the number which is made up of sixteen digits and present at the front of your card.
  • In the next space of the process, you have to type the three digits CVV or security code which is found on the back side of your near to signature panel.
  • After you have given all these then you will be requested to hit on the green color box which is cited as “Check Balance” and you will get the details about the remaining balance online.

How To Check The Balance By Phone?

If you are unable to My Walmart Visa Gift Card Balance of your online then you have another option of checking your card balance. You can check your balance twenty-four hours a day by calling at 1 866 633 9096 from your phone and carefully listen the directions of the operator and get the balance of your card after some time.

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