Calculate Your Weight Watchers Points

Weight Watchers points are offering very famous weight control and weight loss program which can be acquired by the company’s online portal or you can access it offline by attending the meetings. Calculation of Points is the system that focuses on the health, not on calories. If you already have an account on the website then you can log in to your account to calculate your points by following the below steps and get the benefits online.

What Are The Full Steps To Calculate Weight Watchers Points?

  • Check the link to get the service Weight Watcher Points
  • When you get an access to the home page of the website then you have to hit a click on the tab which is indicated as “Login” placed at the top side of the page.
  • Next, you will come across the login page where you have to type a username into the given blank.
  • Insert the password of your account into the next blank. Remember that your password is case sensitive do not show it to anyone.
  • You have to click on the option of “Stay me logged in” if you want to remain login.
  • After completing all the steps then you have to check the box which is labeled as “Log in”.
  • After login your account you can easily calculate your points.

What are SmartPoints?

On the basis of recent nutritional science, SmartPoints are the value which depends on every food you eat and drink. In this system fats and sugar are on the upper level. Protein takes the down position in this system. According to SmarPoints system, all the food is yours but you have to pick the one based on its SmartPoints.

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