Black+Decker New Owner Product Registration Online

You have to access the website of the Black+Decker in order to register your new owner product online. You have to register your product by adopting the two simple and easy steps. In the first step, you need to search your product by giving the model number or you can search it by name. After searching the product then you have to go to the second step where you will be requested to enter your contact details and then complete the rest of the process by utilizing the steps which are shown below.

What Is The Complete Method To Register New Owner Product Online?

  • You have to get an access to the Black+Decker New Owner Register Product web page in order to start the product registration online.
  • In the first stage of the procedure, you are supposed to enter the model number or you can search your product by entering the name of the product into the specified fields.
  • After finding the product then you need to proceed to the second step of the process where you need to type the contact details.
  • You are required to enter your first and last name along with the email address.
  • In the next point, you have to enter your valid phone number.
  • You need to select the name of the country, zip code into the specified areas.
  • In the last step, you are intended to type the password which can of minimum eight digits long and then hit on the red color tab which is mentioned as “Complete Registration” to get the product registration.

What Is The Process To Find The Model Number Of Your Product?                                              

If you do not know the model number of your product then you can find it by hitting on the option of “Where do I find my model number?” You will be able to get your product model on the box, on the back side or bottom side of your product. You can also get the number on the owner’s manual which you can get from the company.

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