Access Verizon BenefitsConnection Program

Verizon Wireless America’s premier telecommunication company has been around and helping its customers for a long time. The company don’t have only client satisfaction as their top priority but also treats their employees as their family members. For the employees, the company offers benefits through their Verizon BenefitConnection program that they can access online, anytime. Through this account, the employees would be able to keep track of their employee benefits offered by the company.

Apart from accessing your benefits information, you would also be offered different tools through this portal that you can use to manage the Verizon benefits. In order to use this account, all you need is to use your User ID and the password for the login process.

Accessing Verizon BenefitsConnection Program

Being the company employee, you should follow the below-mentioned steps if you want to access your benefits program online:

  • Access the VerizonBenefitsConnection webpage so that you can log in to your benefits program online.
  • Now on this page, you can see two different forms, such as “Existing User” and “First-time user”. If you already have an account, then you should enter your User ID and Password in the corresponding blocks, and then click the red button “Log in”.

Now, you will get access to your benefits information and you can also manage your information from the online account. You can use the links “Forgot My User ID”, “Forgot My Password” or “Login Help” to get a quick login help.

If you have not yet registered for the benefits account, then you can also register for it by clicking the button “Register” under the “First-time user” title. After should follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process. Get back to the same login page and enter your login details like we have mentioned above to access to your online account.

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