Access MyIntegrativeHealth Login To Manage Your Account

Interactive Health provides an opportunity to the community to stay healthy and fit with their health and wellness plans. They have been providing the wellness programs all across the nation to assist people to ensure a better health.

Their programs help the individuals identify the health risks, and then supporting them to manage the health with early identification and detection of the risk factors. To be a part of their wellness program, all you need is to register at the MyIntegrativeHealth as a new user.

How It Works:

In order to get started with the program, you or your spouse’s employer needs to sponsor you through the Interactive Health. Your program will work right after you register and login at the Interactive Health. To register, you are required to do the below mentioned simple steps:

  • First, you will have to visit the official MyIntegrativeHealth web page where you are going to register yourself. After visiting this page, proceed to the step two.
  • Click on the “NEW USER” option that you can see on the right-hand side of the page. There, you should enter the sponsor code in the corresponding field, and then click “Begin” button to get started.

In case if you don’t know your Sponsor or Patient code, then you should get in touch with the program’s marketing that is provided to you. Or, you can also contact their team between 8 am to 6 pm by dialing the phone number (800) 840-6100. After dialing the support number, you should choose the Option 1 to talk to the corresponding customer support agent.

After you have successfully registered at the Interactive Health, you can now visit the same login page from where you started the registration process. There, you should enter your User ID and password to log in to your online account. For more information, please visit their website where you can find the complete information regarding this program.

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