Access MyGBClaim To Access Your Claim Information

Gallagher Bassett is one of the well-recognized Claims service providers in the world that has been around for more than 50 decades. Apart from offering top-notch services to their clients, the company also cares a lot for their workers. One of the instances includes their online portal for the injured workers that they can use to access the claim information online, in a convenient way.

Gallagher Bassett Portal’s Features

Through this online portal, the injured workers would be able to not only access their claim information, but they can also check their claim and payment status. There are also many other tools for claim management that the account holder will be able to use. So, if you are an injured worker of the Gallagher Bassett, then you can access MyGBClaim to access your claim information.

If you want to see the claim information or to check the status of your claim or payment, then you should follow a couple of steps that are mentioned below:

  • To start the process, you should visit the MyGBClaim web page where you are going to gain access to the information that you need.
  • Now, you can see a “Logon” form on the right hand side of the page. Here, you should enter your “User ID” and “Password” in the corresponding fields. Just hit the blue “Logon” button.

  • This will get you into your online account from where you can access your important claim information at a single place. If you are a new user or if you have forgotten your username or password, then you can also use the links “Signup” or “Help with User Name/Password?” that are available just below the “Logon” button.
  • For more information or help, you can also use the link “Contact Us” that is also available on the same webpage.

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