Access ItsMyPayroll To Activate Your Card

If you have the payroll card, then it provides you a convenient, fast, and a secure way for accessing the funds at ItsMyPayroll. As a cardholder, you will have an online account from where you can manage your entire account and can also activate a new card. It offers this card to you that will work for your everyday life. All you need is to use your access code and card number to login to your online account from where you can perform the multiple activities.

Features Of Your New Card:

If you need to access your funds in a fast, secure, and convenient way, then the payroll card is the right option for you. This card can be used in different places, such as gas pumps or grocery stores. You can also use this card online for bill payment or shopping, etc. You can use the Self-Service website to see your balance and transaction history. It offers top-notch privacy and security to its customers. The payroll card is secured by the FDIC insured national bank. To know more about the privacy notice, you can also visit the website.

ITS Payroll Card Activation

It is really easy to activate your Its payroll card. All you need is to perform a few simple steps that are mentioned as below:

  • Visit the ItsMyPayroll official web page where you need to activate your new card. On this page, you can see the option “Activate Your Card”. Click that option. See below image for assistance.

  • After you click the link “Activate Your Card” you will be asked to enter your card number. Enter the card number in the corresponding blocks, and then click the “Submit” button.

Your card is now activated and you can use it at the different authorized locations to purchase different stuff of daily life. Right after your employer transfer funds, they will be available to your card immediately. Apart from purchasing different stuff, you can also use this card to withdraw cash at the in-network ATM machines. For more information, you should visit their website, any time.

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