Access To Add Your Business is known as the directory assistance in the countries of the United States and Canada, where it works by having all the important phone numbers and information.

As obviously it is very difficult to find any person manually in the streets and on the roads, but by using, a common citizen can access it and by typing in the name of a person or a business, he can have a list of people or businesses related to that name. From where he can easily find the one he wanted to meet.

Services Offered By The is the Canadian version of the 411 and is known to be providing many useful services throughout the country. Helping a common citizen to the VIPs, the telephone directory has made a name for it by providing the following assistances:

  • Business: You can type the name or the address of business you are looking forward to and will get the list of businesses with the related names.
  • Person: Similarly, by typing in the name of a particular business, you can find one.
  • Add Your Business: You can add your business as well so that people can find you easily.

How To Add Your Business At

  • Get your computer connected to an internet connection.
  • Open the web browser and go to this link:
  • You will be seeing some tags in the list, drag your mouse to the “Add Your Business” tag and click on it.
  • Now, first of all, provide your business phone number, and click “Go” button in green.
  • Now, type in your business name, your business address, and your city and the end type in your primary business category as well.
  • Click the “Go to the Last Step” button in green and provide the information that is demanded.

Now, by clicking on to the blue “Yes I Agree” button, you will ensure that you agree to the terms and policies of the directory, and you will get your business added to the directory as well.

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